Why I am now into vision boards

Stuck in a rut? Vision board yourself out of it.

I’ve never felt tempted by tricks in the ‘manifesting’ tool box and this includes vision boards. It’s often described as a place to freely imagine and express everything you want to be, do and have. But, I don’t live life in the ‘planning lane’. Five-year plan? No not I. However, I have noticed that not looking ahead has held me back recently and a conversation with a woman I truly admire changed a few things.

Start with nothing but a large piece of paper, a pritt stick (other brands also equally sticky) and some magazines. Imagine your ‘thing’ and then rip and stick.

At first, I actually found myself massively overthinking it; I lay things down before gluing them in place so I felt like some sort of curator of an organised mess – not just plain, straight up, purposeless, meaningless, mess. Madness – I know. I then told myself to just let loose and create utter disarray, as if that was the only plan here. I was feeling so stuck within perfection that any attempt to unstick myself had me frozen in front of a blank sheet of paper. Oh, dear.

But this reaction is very common and it can stop us trying loads of things to become ‘unstuck’.

If you’re feeling crippled by inaction; if you’ve forgotten what you’re here for; if you’re ready to give up on that ‘thing’ that once filled you with limitless excitement, do this – vision board it. For me, seeing all the ideas and options that were swimming around in my head reduced the overwhelm with nudging it forward. I was able to pick where to go next without worrying about tackling the whole show before the half-time interval.

I’m an innovator; I love to create a concept and kickstart it but the middle maintenance bit freaks me out. I worry everything will collapse at that very point and my ‘thing’ will be reduced down to nothing but something that was once was – in theory – a good idea. If you think something up, you darn well want to follow through and demonstrate how great it is and that’s exactly where you can apply too much pressure to the point you do absolutely nothing.

Nobody can clearly map the ‘middle’. We’re all just working it out as we go but that can be an exciting place too – if we dare to go there and sit there for a bit. I look at my board a couple of times a week and it’s definitely still having the response I need it to. It reminds me that I’ve done the tough bit of starting something and now another exciting challenge awaits – ‘growing it’. And hey, isn’t that an absolute privilege?

Part of a Huddle? Why not share a vision board at your next meet-up and talk it through?

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