and need to act in spite of how we feel.

How many times have you

Tried something once

Discovered that you suck at it 

Then wrote it off

On the podcast, I spoke to Amy Shipway about our reluctance to practice something in order to get better at it. Or should I say, my reluctance? If I fail to ‘nail it’ soon after starting something, pride usually overrides any attempt towards improvement. But as children, we didn’t have this flaw.

We were all born as simple beings. Anything that invited our curiosity was picked up, played with, stood on, piled high, ripped up and hung on the wall. Mistakes happened but weren’t defined, disorder was created but not shamed and versions after versions were created and held high. Now, we expect the first draft to be gallery-worthy.

Amy was pretty rubbish at {listen to the episode to find out what} but that didn’t stop her from working at it, day after day.

I learnt an enormous amount from our conversation ” she is a woman to pause and listen to, and I enjoyed every moment of our 58-minute conversation.

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