Self-created busy-ness

The concept of, ‘so much to do and so little time!’ is like a societal mantra. And ‘busy, busy, BUSY’ is often perceived as one very, very attractive quality that validates our sheer significance.

But busyness kills creativity.

I learnt the above this week. I needed to create three concepts for an event and was beyond excited about the task. But hideous irritability set in pretty quickly.


Because I expected myself to just land three coherent ideas on the page, right there, right then; no prep, no research, no time for ideation. Just magic that magic out of nowhere, and do it immediately, Heather. Why would we give idea generation the same amount of time as say, a generic email? It’s madness. It’s impossible.

Creativity takes time.  

We all know that our bodies haven’t been designed to handle the constant barrage of demands and stress our culture promotes. Engaging creatively requires hitting that big old dusty red stop button and finding space in our day for lying around, or staring off into deep deep nothing. But this is near impossible when in every free moment—at work, in a queue, at a red light—we’re reaching for our phones (like I do). Our brains become accustomed to stimulation; we grow antsy and irritable when we don’t have constant input. 

There are days where I am 100% addicted to busyness. But I’m out to change that now because so much suffers and is lost as a result. Our work suffers, we suffer.

It’s time to pay homage to boredom dear people.

It’s time to fit less—not more—into each day.

Busyness kills creativity.

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