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Self-created busy-ness

The concept of, ‘so much to do and so little time!’ is like a societal mantra. And ‘busy, busy, BUSY’ is often perceived as one very, very attractive quality that validates our sheer significance. But busyness kills creativity. I learnt the above this week. I needed to create three concepts for an event and was beyond

Why I am now into vision boards

Stuck in a rut? Vision board yourself out of it. I’ve never felt tempted by tricks in the ‘manifesting’ tool box and this includes vision boards. It’s often described as a place to freely imagine and express everything you want to be, do and have. But, I don’t live life in the ‘planning lane’. Five-year plan?

Consider everything an experiment

that will no doubt fail. I learned the first line from Sister Corita Kent and the second from Seth Godin. I like it when words sellotape themselves to you like your mind is a walking notice board; they somehow know they’ll be of some use to you later in life.Removing the threat of failure is a

We give up too easily

and need to act in spite of how we feel. How many times have you Tried something once Discovered that you suck at it  Then wrote it off On the podcast, I spoke to Amy Shipway about our reluctance to practice something in order to get better at it. Or should I say, my reluctance?

We never take our stabilizers off

…we don’t know how to fail. According to Author Ozan Varol, we’re raising a new generation that does’t know to fail. #OzanVarol says that, genetically, we are wired to fear failure. Centuries ago, failure meant getting guzzled alive. The ancestors who weren’t afraid of failing didn’t€™t live long enough to pass on their genes to offspring. Apparently, we

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