A short story…

There once was a girl called Heather and if left to her own devices, her ideas rarely became ‘things’. But on 4 January 2021, she plucked up some courage to ask for help.

The idea was a simple one: her, plus three others would meet every three weeks so that she’d muster up enough motivation to keep her lockdown podcast, Women Who Fail, going.

Strangely enough, lots of people got in touch to say “yes”. This was exciting, but also a problem. Instead of picking three people and abandoning everyone else, Heather set up groups for everyone that said “yes” and called them ‘Huddles’.

After two weeks four Huddles existed, then after three weeks there were seven. There’s an architect developing a jewellery brand; a cultural consultant going freelance; an illustrator working on a book; a therapist developing a soap business; a researcher finishing their PhD and someone just looking to find their ‘thing’.

The goal? To have loads more Huddles so people’s ideas finally become ‘things’.

The end.

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